London Titans Football Club

LGBT+ Football in the capital

Club Code of Conduct

All club members and supporters of the club have a responsibility to represent the club in the best possible light and to promote the highest standards of behaviour, both on and off the pitch. This code of conduct is designed to complement the FA code of conduct.

On and off the field, members of the club will:

  • Adhere to the laws of the game
  • Display and promote high standards of behaviour and promote Fair Play
  • Always respect the match officials’ decisions and never engage in public criticism of the match officials.
  • Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour, and never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.
  • Speak to my team-mates, the opposition and my coach/manager with respect. Remember we all make mistakes.
  • Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and the referee at the end of every game.

OFF THE FIELD, club members will:

  • Always keep manager(s) updated with their availability, arrive on time for matches, training and events.
  • Ensure they are up-to-date with club subscription fees, or any other monies owed to the club.
  • Represent the club at social occasions and events in the best possible light and not bring the club into disrepute through their actions.
  • Treat fellow teammates and club members with respect, to not engage in a manner that maybe considered as harassment, bullying, or act in a manner that causes offence, intimidates, or is malicious.

Any club member in breach of this code may face disciplinary action as outlined in the club constitution