London Titans Football Club

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Club Constitution

Our club constitution is an important document, which explains to members (and non-members) what our club is about. It helps protect club members and officers, clarify how club procedures should work and clarify and help process any internal issues.

A)   Membership
B)   Finance
C)   Participation
D)   The Committee & Its Positions
E)   Terms of Office
F)   Election of Committee
G)   Removal of Committee Members
H)   General Meetings
I)   The Constitution
J)   Communication
K)   Club Disciplinary Policy and Code of Conduct
L)   Dissolution


This Constitution was adopted by a Meeting of those on the Initial List held on 9 June 2007 ("Founding Meeting"). All decisions taken by that Meeting are deemed to have been made in accordance with this Constitution.

The football club (hereinafter known as "the Club") shall be known as London Titans Football Club.

London Titans Football Club will be a football club serving the LGBT+ community. It shall provide an opportunity for anyone to play football in a supportive, sociable environment, shall arrange competitive and friendly matches against other teams, and shall offer training to allow people to reach their potential in the sport.


"Season" means the period between one Annual General Meeting and the next.

"Members" means any person who is either a Full Member or a Social Member of the Club.

"Full Members' Subscription" means the subscription as determined according to Article B.1 and paid by Full Members who fulfil the criteria in Article A.1.

"Social Members' Subscription" means the subscription as determined according to Article B.1 and paid by Social Members who fulfil the criteria in Article A.2.

"Initial List" refers to the list drawn up by the Committee at the start of every Season detailing Full Members in the previous Season and who are expected to play in the forthcoming Season. They will remain on this list until they fulfil the criteria set out in Article A.1 (b). The Initial List for the purposes of the Founding Meeting means the initial list of founding members of the Club attached hereto.

"Membership Form" refers to the form which Members sign when they join the Club agreeing to abide by the Club rules and accepting personal responsibility for their actions.

"Committee" has the meaning set out in Article D.1.

"General Meetings" means meetings of the Members to discuss matters of relevance and importance. These include an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

"LGBT+" refers refers to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender community, with + encompassing any individual who may self-identify outside heterosexual and/or cisgender understandings of sexuality and gender identity.

References to the singular include the plural and vice versa and any words importing one gender include all other genders.


1. "Full Members" will be persons who in any current Season meet the following criteria:

  1. are listed on the "Initial List", or;
  2. have played in at least six training sessions or matches in the current or previous Seasons (to include 5-a-side, tournaments to count as one match), and;
  3. have paid the Full Members' Subscription, and;
  4. have signed a Membership Form, and;
  5. have signed a copy of the club Code of Conduct.

2. "Social Members" will be persons who in any current Season meet the following criteria:

  1. have paid the Social Members' Subscription, and;
  2. have signed a Membership Form, and;
  3. have signed a copy of the club Code of Conduct.

3. Full Members will be entitled to:

  1. Vote in General Meetings
  2. Stand for election to the Committee
  3. Put down motions for determination by a General Meeting
  4. Receive information on the Club and its activities and attend them subject to fulfilling any criteria applicable to the activity
  5. Call a General Meeting in accordance with the terms laid out in Article H
  6. Attend Club matches, training sessions, and social events subject to fulfilling any criteria applicable to the event.
  7. Gain access to any Members' facilities offered by the club, including (but not limited to) website access, private forums, social media communication facilities and communication lists.

4. Social Members will be entitled to:

  1. Receive information on the Club and its activities and attend them subject to fulfilling any criteria applicable to the activity
  2. Attend Club matches and social events subject to fulfilling any criteria applicable to the event
  3. Attend (but not vote at) General Meetings
  4. Gain access to any Members' facilities offered by the club, including (but not limited to) website access, private forums, social media communication facilities and communication lists.

5. All data held centrally about members will be held under the Data Protection Act 1998.

6. The Club does not discriminate on the grounds of sexuality, gender, age, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, marital status, religious belief, social background or medical status, but without prejudice to team selection by the manager of that team under whatever selection criteria applies for that team, subject to those criteria not breaching anti-discrimination legislation.

7. Any Full Member or Social Member shall no longer be considered a member of the club if;

  1. that individual ceases to pay the relevant subscription applicable to their membership status, and/or;
  2. on demand from the club treasurer, club committee or any other club official, fails to repay any monies owed to the club in lieu of services provided by the club to that individual, and/or;
  3. has their membership suspended, cancelled or annulled, in line with the club disciplinary policy.


1. Membership Subscriptions shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting for the next Season, following a recommendation from the Treasurer and ratified by the club committee.

2. The financial year will run from 1st June to 31st May in each year.

3. Club funds shall be held in a current account (and deposit account where appropriate) as determined by the Committee in the name of the Club. Any interest earned on bank deposits will be credited into the relevant bank account for the benefit of Members.

4. Cheques or other written instructions to make payments from the bank account of amounts up to and including £200 may be made by an authorised signatory.

5. In the case of amounts more than £200, two signatories will be required. These will be members of the Committee and must include the Treasurer and one other of the Secretary, Manager or another specified member nominated and agreed by the Committee.

6. The Treasurer shall keep up-to-date accounts for the Club. He will present the accounts to the Club at the Annual General Meeting and to the Committee as required by the Committee.

7. The books presented to the AGM shall be audited by someone who is not a Member and who has appropriate and relevant experience or qualification in accounting.


1. The club shall be a member of any league(s) locally and nationally that satisfies the Full Members and the club’s relevant teams.

2. The Football Manager shall be responsible for providing recommendations to the committee regarding entry into, or withdrawal from, any relevant leagues. The committee shall ratify any recommendations.

3. The Club shall be a member of any organisation, locally, nationally or internationally, to facilitate its participation in any competitions, leagues or events.


1. The Club shall be managed by a committee referred to below ("the Committee") which will oversee its general running and make decisions in the best interests of the Club and all of its Members.

2. The Committee shall consist of the following positions:

a. Chair
The Chair shall chair all Committee and General Meetings, and shall represent the Club externally. They will be involved with the general running of the Club. They shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie. In his / her absence the role of chair will be fulfilled by another Committee member as agreed by the Committee. The chair shall chair any disciplinary hearings, unless such matters involve the chair whereby the committee shall nominate another committee member.

b. Football Manager
The Football Manager shall be responsible for leading all aspects of the playing side of the club – including participation in competitions, leagues and events, training sessions, player development, provision of equipment, team composition, team selection, and any other playing matters. The Football Manager shall chair any Footballing Sub-Committee(s) as appointed by the committee. They may be the manager of one of the teams, but need not be.

c. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accounts and finances or the Club and keep such bank accounts as required by the Committee to present an audited set of accounts at the AGM. They shall present the Club accounts at Committee meetings. They shall be a signatory on Club accounts.

d. Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the Club and its matches, and for communication of this administration of matches to the Committee, any sub-committees and to Members. They will take minutes at Committee and General Meetings. They shall be a signatory on Club accounts.

e) Sponsorship & Marketing Officer
The Sponsorship & Marketing Officer shall be responsible for attempting to secure and maintain sponsorship for the Club, for advertising and marketing the club externally and explore any opportunities or avenues to further and strengthen the clubs relationships with sponsors and key external stakeholders

f) Communications Representative
The Communications Representative shall be responsible for internal and external communications. They shall be responsible for ensuring that appropriate, regular and timely communication with members is maintained and that the club website, social media channels, and any other communication methods are kept up to date and used as a key external and internal communication tool. In addition They shall be responsible for external media relations and communications including any listings or entries the Club has in directories and events guides, online or otherwise

g) Membership Officer
The Membership Officer shall take responsibility for liaising with potential new Members, ensuring that new and current members have met the applicable membership criteria, and maintaining up-to-date membership records.

h) Logistics & Social Officer
The Logistics & Social Officer shall be responsible for coordinating the arrangements for off-field events, social occasions, trips to away matches within the country and also, where necessary, local, national and international tournaments.

3. All members of the Committee shall be elected in accordance with the process defined in Article F.

4. The Committee shall from time to time at its absolute discretion appoint Members to take responsibility for specific aspects of the running of the Club. These members will not have voting rights on the Committee (unless they are also members of the Committee), though they will be accountable to the Committee. These aspects shall include the management of all teams and coaching staff for the teams and the Club as a whole.

5. The Committee shall meet approximately once a month. Any other Committee meetings shall be held as necessary with at least two days' notice from the Secretary and may be communicated in accordance with Article J. All members of the Committee shall have a single vote at meetings. All votes shall be by show of hands. The Chair shall have the power to exercise a casting vote in the event of a tied vote.

6. The quorum for Committee meetings shall be a majority of the entire Committee. Absent members may forward votes on agenda points in advance via the Secretary.

7. A report of the content of the meetings should be available to Members in accordance with Article J within a week of each Committee Meeting.

8. At its discretion, the committee shall appoint a Sub-Committee to manage all team and playing matters on its behalf. The Football Manager shall chair the sub-committee. At the discretion of the club committee, the sub-committee shall be comprised of the Football Manager and all other regular 11-a-side teams' managers, and coaches as determined by the Committee.

9. The Club Committee shall retain responsibility for setting policy in relation to selection, coaching and training and for directing the Footballing Sub-Committee where necessary.

10. Any Sub-Committee shall meet approximately once a month to discuss team performance, individual player performance and improvement, and coaching and training matters.

11. Any Sub-Committee shall have responsibility for ensuring that coaching and training is organised to help Members reach their potential and for communication to individual players about performance and selection matters.

12. The Football Manager shall report the discussions of the Footballing Sub-Committee to the Club Committee.


1. Members with elected positions on the Committee shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to serve a term of one full Season.

2. Members of the current Committee shall be eligible for nomination for any position in the following Season.

3. Members of the Committee may resign at any stage during the period of office by expressing their wish in writing to the Secretary or, in the case of the Secretary, to the Chairman.

4. A replacement may nominate themselves to serve for the remainder of the Season and may be accepted by the Committee without the need for such a nomination to be ratified by Full Members. In the case of more than one person wishing to stand as a replacement, the procedures outlined in Article F shall be followed.


1. The Initial Committee will serve as the Committee for the first Season following the Founding Meeting

2. The Initial Committee is appointed by those on the Initial List, at the Meeting referred to in the Preamble.

3. Any Full Member is entitled to stand for an elected position in the Committee.

4. The Secretary shall be responsible for advertising elections for Committee positions to Full Members not fewer than two weeks before the Annual General Meeting and shall hold in confidence all nominations. Nominations will close one week before the AGM and these shall be communicated to Members with the agenda for the AGM.

5. Nominations for elected positions on the Committee shall be proposed by one and seconded by another Full Member and sent in writing to the Secretary.

6. In the case of no or only one candidate being nominated for any post, the Secretary will communicate to all Full Members that nominations have been re-opened for that post. Additional nominations will be accepted in the manner laid out in Article F.5 up until 48 hours before the AGM. Additional nominations will be communicated to Full Members at least 24 hours before the AGM. If no more than one nomination is received the candidate will be deemed to have secured the position. If no nominations at all have been received, the procedure laid out in Article F.13 will be followed.

7. Voting in the case of two or more nominations for a position will be by secret ballot. This will be overseen by two Electoral Officers, both of whom shall be a Full Member not holding a position on the current Committee and not nominated for election at that AGM. Each Full Member will have one vote for each position.

8. Candidates for contested positions will be offered the opportunity to speak at the AGM prior to voting in order to outline to Members their experience and reasons for standing.

9. In the case of two or more candidates being nominated for a position, a simple majority of votes will be required for election. In the event that this does not occur, the two candidates with the highest number of votes will be entered into a second round of voting.

10. In the case of a tie in a vote, the current Chairman shall have the casting vote where this is required to determine the successful candidate(s), except where the current Chairman is one of the candidates in the tied vote. In this case, the Secretary shall have the casting vote. In the case that the Secretary is also one of the candidates in the tied vote, the Committee shall nominate a member of the Committee who is not a candidate to hold the casting vote.

11. The results of voting will be announced immediately after the vote at the AGM.

12. In any case where a candidate feels there has been unfair practice during the election process, that candidate may appeal in writing to any Committee member within 48 hours. The members of the Committee excluding any Committee member who is a subject of the appeal will investigate and where they feel the election has been prejudiced they can re-order an election for that position to be held.

13. In the event that no nominations are received for a position, the Committee shall allocate the responsibilities of that position to other Committee members. In the event that a Full Member wishes to fill the vacant position during the course of the Season, he may nominate himself in accordance with the procedure outlined in Article E.3.


1. In cases where it is considered that an officer of the Committee is not adequately performing his/her duties, or the conduct of an officer of the Committee is considered contrary to the aims and objectives of the club, the following procedures shall be adopted:

2. A written motion of no confidence in the Committee member concerned, signed by at least 10 Full Members, must be submitted to the Secretary. In the case of the Secretary being the subject of the Motion, the Motion may be submitted to the Chair. On receipt of a motion of no confidence, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be called.

3. The Committee member concerned may attend the meeting and give an account of his or her actions but shall be required to leave before a vote is taken. The vote shall be taken by a show of hands and shall require a two-thirds majority to be carried.

4. In the event of a no confidence motion being carried by the Extraordinary General Meeting, that officer shall be deemed to have resigned and a replacement shall be elected with the procedure appropriate to a resignation.


1. All Members are entitled to attend General Meetings, though only Full Members will have voting rights, in accordance with Article A.

2. An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year in June or July.

3. At least three weeks' written notice of the time and venue of an Annual General Meeting shall be communicated by the Secretary to Members.

4. Any Member may submit a motion for debate at the Annual General Meeting by informing the Secretary of the motion in writing at least one week in advance.

5. Other General Meetings may be called by the Committee when necessary. The Secretary shall give at least 72 hours' written notice of such meetings.

6. Full Members may call Extraordinary General Meetings with a written request from at least 10 Full Members to be communicated to the Secretary by each of those Members individually.

7. Extraordinary General Meetings will take place within a week of the Secretary receiving the tenth request. The Secretary shall give at least 72 hours' written notice of such meetings to Members.

8. A quorum of 33% of registered Members shall be required for the Meeting to take place.

9. Full Members may communicate proxy votes in writing to the Secretary (who shall act as their proxy) up to four hours before the General Meeting. These votes will be held in confidence until the vote at the General Meeting when they will be available for inspection.

10. Voting at General Meetings (save for matters referred to in Article I) will require a simple majority of votes cast to pass. Voting will be by a show of hands and will include proxy votes.


1. Changes to the Constitution may only be effected at General Meetings.

2. A two-thirds majority of votes cast will be needed to pass an amendment.

3. The Chairman shall have the (non-legally binding) power to adjudicate in all matters regarding the interpretation of the Constitution.

4. The Constitution shall be made publicly available on the club website.

5. The Secretary shall provide the Constitution to any Member upon receiving a request in writing.


1. Any reference in this Constitution to notices or communication to Members or the Committee as a whole being "written" or "in writing" shall include email or a posting to the Club website but not SMS messages or online instant messenger communication.

Any reference in this Constitution to notices or communication from Members being "written" or "in writing" shall include email but not a posting to the Club website, Club Social Media, SMS messages or online instant messenger communication

2. Notices for Members outside of those referred to in this Constitution will be communicated to Members in any or all of the following ways (save where specifically required otherwise):

  1. Email
  2. Telephone (including SMS messages or instant messenger communications)
  3. In writing
  4. In person
  5. By posting onto the Club website


1. All Full Members, Social Members, club officials, supporters and associates are bound by the club Code of Conduct and shall conduct themselves accordingly, on and off the pitch.

2. The club Code of Conduct will be determined and reviewed from time to time by the Committee and will apply when persons become Members.

3. Changes to the Code of Conduct are authorised by the committee.

4. The club Committee is the authoritative body in respect of discipline within the club and shall take whatever measures are required to maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour and inflict appropriate sanctions where necessary.

5. In the first instance, any club member may lodge a complaint orally or in writing to the Football Manager. The Football Manager shall investigate and deal with any complaint or issue locally.

6. If necessary, a Disciplinary Panel shall be appointed by the Club Committee and chaired by the club Chair, when a member (or members) contravenes the club Code of Conduct, or acts in a manner that is likely to bring the club into disrepute, or prejudice its reputation or interests.

7. Any member found guilty of contravening the club Code of Conduct, or acting in a manner prejudicial to the club’s reputation or interests may be disciplined as follows:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Written warning
  3. suspension from club activities
  4. cessation of membership
  5. any other disciplinary measure as the disciplinary panel deems appropriate

8. Any judgment arising from a disciplinary hearing shall be communicated by the club secretary within 48 hours of the hearing.

9. A member may appeal the outcome of the disciplinary hearing within 48 hours of the decision being communicated by the club secretary. The appeal must be made in writing to the club secretary.


1. If the members resolve to dissolve the Club the Committee will remain in office as the Club Committee and be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Club in accordance with this clause. Any such resolution requires a two-thirds majority of votes cast at a General Meeting.

2. The Committee must collect in all the assets of the Club and must pay or make provision for all the liabilities of the Club.

3. The Committee must apply any remaining property or money after applying the provisions in Article 5:

  1. directly for the Objectives of the Club as set out in the Preamble;
  2. by transfer to any Clubs or charities for purposes the same as or similar to the Club;
  3. in such other manner as the GFSN Committee may approve in writing in advance.
  4. 4. The members may pass a resolution before or at the same time as the resolution to dissolve the Club specifying the manner in which the Committee are to apply the remaining property or assets of the Club and the Committee must comply with the resolution if it is consistent with paragraphs (a)–(c) inclusive in Article K.3. above.

    5. For the purposes of determining the liabilities and remaining property or money in articles K.2. and K.3. the following provisions apply in recognition of the fact that a substantial portion of the Club's assets derive from the Membership Subscriptions and justly belong to the Members of the Club;

    1. all portions of Membership Subscriptions for the current membership year that have been pre-paid will be treated as liabilities to those Members who have paid them for the purpose of calculating the liabilities in Article K.2. The annual Membership Subscription shall be treated as being payable evenly across the season.
    2. A proportion of the Club's remaining property or money, as defined in Article K.3., equal to the weighted average (mean) proportion of the Club's total income that is made up of Membership Subscriptions in the last two full years' sets of audited Club accounts, shall be returned equally to all the Members at the date of dissolution subject to that Member having been a Member for at least the previous full season.

    6. The Committee are obliged to send the Club's accounts for the accounting period which ended before its dissolution and the final set of accounts which include the dissolution to be audited and to present them to the Members.